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        Four sides peach octahedral sides willow, One set building half set garden [WoDaoHu Park guide words]
        Every tourist, welcome to WoDaoHu Park scenic sightseeing. Here I will accompany you to start today's journey.
        Eponymy of WoDaoHu Park is because of whole scenic areas located in the center of Lianshui old town which north adjoining to Lianshui martyrs cemetery and west to Millennium years of Temple NengRen Temple cossed by a river which are made of LianYi Lake and five islands. Five islands were respectively titled as FengLe island, TongLe island, MiGong island, XiYuan Island, XiZhao island from east to west. Each islands connected with eath other and showing out lake pretty water beautiful. According to county records, In Qianlong 51 year (1786) Qing Dynasty and 1906 GuangXu year of Qing dynasty, Yellow River floods covered Huai town twice, Lianshui town (called AnDon), a lake formated in the city central after flood retreat,some of larger ground out of water forming several islands. Lianshui happened drought weather in 1924, the county government organize workers grilled riverbed deeper, widening the river, forming five islands. So park was built in early 1929.The county government has separately carried out four large-scale renovating and transformating with the park in 1958, 1987, 1999, 2014 and finally formating of today's water and land layout and scenic landscape. Currently, the total scenic area is 60.2 hectares,water area is 38.5 hectares, land area is 21.7 hectares that equivalent to half old city’s areas. Known as disbranch willow on March, seeing peach flowers on April. It is the season of naughty children tend to fold some willow to weave hats on March each year, Peach flowers was blooming colorfully on April, willows and peaches are planted around  WuDaoHu. Everywhere is showing peach pink and willow green. Spring is the best season of the year. So there is a statement about " octahedral willows four sides peaches and half set garden around one set building". The park is divided into five regions as functional classification: five islands touring area, colorful waterfront leisure area, urban culture leisure area, sports leisure area, bird protected area, which five island touring area is the key.
        We are now LianYi ShengJing Square that located in the middle of urban culture leisure area. North of LianYi Lake is the city culture leisure area, mainly made of a few squares and activity centers. Including LianYi ShengJing Square, SongLing QingXue Square, public health Square, elder activity center, youth activity center, visitors center. The reason why the square titled as LianYi ShengJing Square originated from Song writer Su Shi. Su Shi poem "Butterfly Love Flower. Lianshui Army present for Zhao Hui Zhi.": "Since ancient times LianShui is a wonderful place, passing through lotus, Matched up Wu Xing....." In Su Shi poems , Lianshui is a beautiful place"passing through lotus"could compared beyond of Wu Xing. According to Su Shi poem's meaning, in 1992, Lianshui county government changed the Lianshui people accustomed original old titles "Xi Da Wa" into "Lian Yi Lake." The main building of LianYi ShengJing square is the opening archway which is traditional Chinese architecture, three arches four-posters style, arch height is 19.5 meters. Su Shi' poems as the alliance and the second line that selected out from nationwide were engraved on the Archway pillars . LianYi ShengJing Square is the gateway into five islands touristic area.
        Let's go up along YuLong bridge stone stairs, get into the WuDaoHu Park.
        YuLong Bridge was built in 2014 as three-hole arch bridge ErLongXiZhu (two dragons playing with pearl)pattern carved on the top of bridge. total 56 layers of stairs.
        We see this piece of grassland is the sun lawn after passing through Yulong bridge.Metasequoia, Luan trees, palm and other trees and shrubs were planted on both sides of lawns , middle openning area is the lawn. There is LiuDi FengHe memorial arch in front of building also be three rooms four-posters style. It is in same central axis with previous LianYi ShengJing arches and Yulong Bridge forming a perfect matching trend.
        Loot at the right hand southwest direction, we can see an island with lush trees many birds gathered-That's XiZhao Island and Lianshui people called it XiZhao Hill as well. XiZhao Hill was built in 1958, repaired in 1983. area 11.2 acres, lie in northeast - southwest direction, slight ups and downs land surrounded by water. The island has richful forest resources, green coverage rate more than 90%, total 51 families and 137 kinds of trees, few human track and quiet surrounding. a large number of birds have habitated here since the 1990s. It was inspected birds 16 orders and 33 families 115 kinds. One specie bird belongs to national level protected, there are 10 kinds belongs to secondary protected, there are 17 specie of provincial protected. There are 62 specie birds are listed in the Sino-Japanese Bird Protection Agreement provides protected birds, 9 species are listed in protected migratory birds in Sino-Australia agreement provides protection, which especially the most quantity birds is national two class protected birds --- yellow mouth egret.
        Lianshui county government officially named XiZhao hill as county birds natural protected area on December 1st, 1993. The birds number reached more than 6,000 birds in this year, Then government submitted to the provincial government (Su Zheng response [2002] 97 ), officially upgrade XiZhao Hill as provincial nature protected area on August 2002. Protected area are 34.33 square kilometers circles centreld as XiZhao Hill.Whenever sun sets with colorful glow shining on the hills, tens thousands of egrets are dancing and flying with clouds together that really showing magnificent sight.
        Looking forward, we see quaint courtyard is bonsai garden, which is the production base and display base for bonsai and flowers .. Right close between heaven and earth,landscape has common characters of life. if you are interested, please enjoy and experiance the traditional Chinese garden arts.
        After appreciating bonsai art we came to the MiGong island, There is MiGong pavilion and MoChiFeiWu (Ink-pond Flying Mist) attraction on the island. There are sculptures of "Mi Fu is handwriting," "Mi Fu is washing and cleaning ink-brush" beside of ink-cleaning pond. Mi Fu was born in 1051 Xiangyang of Hubei and died in 1107 RunZhou (Now Zhenjiang ,Jiangsu), aged 56 years old. Surname:YuanZhang, nickname:. XiangYang ManShi and oversea official Yue; Bei Song Dynasty famous painter and Antiquarian, He is good at poetry and painting and identificating as well, Mi Fu as Dr. Tai Chang (Dr.Tai Chang, ancient official title. set the title in san Guo  Emperor Wei Wen Di early period, managing national important ceremony ,constitute five etiquettes and potocols (Ji, jia, Bing, Jun , Xiong)details, Monitoring protocols matters, discuss national sacrifice ceremony with officials or ministers, but official title is not high,official position begins from "Qi Pin" at Tang Dynasty ) come to Lianshui to be ZhiJun position in ShaoSheng four years (AD 1097). He worked here for two years and issued more political benefits to local people.While he returned after retiring, his pocket is empty without any money.Lianshui people set up statues to eternally remembered him in 1999. This statue was showing Mi Fu wearing robes with official hat, holding a pen, eyes viewing far away, uncorrupted. honestly Uprightly,proudly standing. This corners pavilion oppsited Mi Fu writing sculpture is the MiGong kiosks. According to the "Anton County," it reads: "At the beginning Ming Dynasty Li Kan set up a monument to remember him. Magistrate YuGuangZu imperially ordered stone for reconstruction in Qing Emperor Yongzheng three years (AD 1725) ." There are a history records that  It had been built in the Ming Dynasty and officially named as "Mi Gong kiosks." It was rebuilt when the magistrate YuGuangZu held office during Yongzheng three years. So why did Yu Guangzu rebuild the "MiGong kiosks" while he arrived here? Historical records: Yu GuangZu, oppointed as AnDon magistrate in Yongzheng two to five years (1724-1727) . YuGuangZu stated and vowed to ChengHuang gods of temples(God to protect nation) to be a clean government official before his arrival. Advised farmers repairing County, built school, get rid of long-standing officails bad habits, repaired MiGong kiosks once found it damaged.He imperially ordered stone showing his ambitions: "if someone received undeserved money, dark ghosts and heaven gods forbiding and ; If sonebody done with unconscience, somebody self including their descendants got punished, "hoped to study from Mi Fu honest and innocent. Now we see the four meters tall, brick made, square upturned eaves pavilion was rebuilt by Lianshui County People's Government in 1982. "Mi Gong kiosks" was titled by died famous calligrapher Mr. Zhao Pu Chu. Beside to the Kiosk, there is the inscription written by formal Jiangsu Province Governor Mr. Hui Yu Yu to remember Mi Fu in 1987.There is a pond alike to Yantai is ink-washing pond in front of kiosk, Mi Fu was appointed as handwriting and painting Doctor by Emporer HuiZong as the famous painter in nothern Song Dynasty. Cursive studied from Wang XianZhi with handsome styles being commented as: "like windy gun running horses with calm piquancy". He was reputed as Song four calligraphers with Cai Xiang, Su Shi, HuangTingJian. Landscape painting evolved from Dong Yuan that means painting as your thinking and likes that unnecessary fineness but ink-dyed, mostly showing smoke and cloud shaded trees stones.He created his own unique style of breakthrough drawing the outline and wrinkling traditional techniques. Mi Fu diligently practice hard every day and often wash ink-slab in this pond during his tenure. When he was leaving he still did not forget washing the inkbrush in the pool to show his innocence, do not take stitch away from Lianshui, do not take little water and ink away from Lianshui neither. And making one poems"Go to Lianshui" "Chang Ri Kai Xian Jing,Chun Feng Mei Bi Lei. Huang Xi Yi Jiu Nuan, Ya Gu Mo Xiang Cui." That deeply expressed his love feelings with Lianshui. After Mi Fu left, Lianshui people often lingered to ink pond, reminded the past. When the smoke is soaring in front of ink pond, Mi Fu's appearance could be seen. This is the landscape that Lianshui people spreaded long time"Ink pond Flying Mist". It was listed in Huai'an protected heritage attractionas in 2003.
        Let's go to east after passing through MiGong island and we came to the Zodiac Square which is a large flower garden. Here is growing of all kinds of lush flowers and trees throughout the year.There are two stone lions playing ball on the south road of both sides with one female and one male naive and vivid. According to research, It has more than 500 years of history. It was regarded as treasure of the park. There is zodiac sculptures surrounded in the middle of small square. Zodiac or twelve Zodiac, means the twelve Earthly Branches matched people's birth year into twelve kinds animals, including the Rat,Buffalo,Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Chicken, Dog ,Pig. Chinese zodiac related to origination from animal worship. According to YunMeng sleeping tiger area in Hubei and Tianshui FangMa Tan unearthed Qin bamboo slips shows that relatively complete zodiac system exists in early Qin Dynasty.The earliest record same with today's zodiac famous document is Wang Chong "Lun Heng" in Dong Han period. Zodiac  figuratively represents the twelve Earthly Branches, as 子鼠zǐ su(Rat), 丑牛chǒu liu(Buffalo), 寅虎yín hu(Tiger), 卯兔mǎo tu( Rabbit), 辰龙chén long(Dragon), 巳蛇sì she(Snake),午马wǔ ma(Horse), 未羊wèi yang(Goat), 申猴shēn hou(Monkey), 酉鸡yǒu ji(Chicken), 戌狗xū gou(Gog), 亥猪hài zhu(Pig). With the history development gradually integrated into the allelopathy civil religion concept such as marriage, life, years lucky, etc., and each Zodiac has a wealthy legends that formed a concept interpretation system, It becoms the image philosophy in folk culture, such as the animals matching in marriage, praying in temple, and other animal year. Now more people put it as mascot of the Lunar New Year Spring Festival and entertainment cultural activities. Here we can look for our own animal, take a pictures, look at the scenery, or take a break here. Everyone, there are two large ponds water on both side of flowerbeds. On the east side of lake ,there are bridges, pavilions as well as courtyards, you can enjoy lake scenery from Pavilion. The west side is the lotus pond. Every summer, full pond of lotus and leaves scenery stimulated people’s imagination of "Connected sky lotus leaves be boundlessly green, Reflected sun Lotus flowers be especially blush." People can not help appreciating the lotus' noble character of "Remains stainless out of mud,stands modest in the slime" while they enjoyed the scenery.
        We go ahead to north seeing the courtyard called Qiong Ting Yi Dao attractions titled as one Qiong flower inside. Qiong gardon is a typical courtyard of each 3 sedan banqueting halls on the east west north with pink wall black roof tiles and red bars engraved windows, rake angle and cornices, veranda connected corner, There are planting ginkgo, papaya and other valuable trees, There are planted one pce of Qiong flower and trimming elm in center of flower beds. When Kunshan City made friendly city with Lianshui County in February 1996, the Kunshan municipal government delegations visit ed and presented one pce of Qiong flower planted in this garden, so named Qiong flower garden. Qiong flower is Kunshan city’s flower. Qiong flower is blooming as silver snow color on April each year. Today, this flower has become a symbol of friendship between KunShan people and LianShui people. Now it has become the place to play chess or have chess education with friends. If you are interested, why shouldn't we have two turns of chess fightings for entertainment here?
        From Qiong flower garden to east, we see building like stage is people stage . It is the leisure stage for people gathered. In morning or evening, ordinary people, a few gathered here to sing opera Huai or songs and have square dancing for happiness. We could stay a while to listen to our local opera Huai melody to appreciate local opera charming.
        Along stage to east through a Ju Xian Bridge. It said that Eight Immortalsthe had gathered on the bridge. The Ming Dynasty Lianshui monk Zhou YiQing obtained magic paintbrush from Iron Crutch Li who becoming a famous painter and god later as well. The stories about Zhou Yi Qing magic paintbrush was widely spreaded in Lianshui folks.Later, people who passed the bridge that all their wishes could come true. When we get on Ju Xian Bridge you would have a wish, perhaps your dreams could come true.
        After passed Ju Xian Bridge, we came to the Fengle Island. It got name due to pavilion. In 1982 Lianshui county government built a four corners pavilion in the island for commemorate Lianshui consecutive eight years harvest. Antique courtyard on north Island was originally the old university and elder activity centers. After reconstruction in 2014 , now It is the place people invite friends having tea for gathering to leisure.
        After Fengle Island toured, we came to the west to be Tong Le Island, with TongLe hall on the island. "Tong Le Hall" three words on the wall are inscribed by Lianshui famous writer Wu Qiang (representative of "Red Sun") . It was a typical Suzhou garden building. From winding path into "Ru sheng" garden gate arrived to centrel yard of TongLe Hall. Rugged rocks piled high and low, unique style,variety of flowers dotted,more fun, there is a spacious platform pavilion reached into water behind hall. Boarded on He Xiang Court west of main hall , you will naturally think of such poem"For a grander sight, Board higher level". Looking ahead in the distance, five islands luxuriant and ancient town new look, catched all the views, it is refreshing. Tong Le Hall was founded in 1937 when Wang Depu inspected Huaiyin Lianshui where bandits were rampant, he sent troops to clear banditry only three months to keep people in safe and peace.Therefore, Lianshui people built Memorial hall surrounded by water in the park called: "TongLe Hall" means: " Official Wang likes and worries as people's same thing." This was a originally three bright five dark halls, due to long years old, inadequate watch, A classical Jiangnan garden style hall was reconstructed based on the old site in 1987.
        After visiting Tongle hall, That is all for our journey today. And wish everybody have a pleasant journey!

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